Gangotri : The Birth of a River

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Gangotri : The Birth of a River

Gangotri is the home of the great and majestic River Ganga. The journey of the incredibly rich river starts here at Gangotri.

The river Ganga is of utmost importance to the history of India as well its culture and economy. The source of all that glory lies here at Gangotri. The river Ganga also has a vital part in the mythology of the Hindus. This makes Gangotri a pretty religious place as well. The legend of the Ganga and Gangotri is tied to the myths. The Goddess Ganga transformed into a river to absolve the sins of the forefathers of King Bhagirath. That is why, the river is referred to as the Bhagirathi. It only becomes the Ganga after it has conquered the mountains and met the river Alaknanda.

At Gangotri, you get the chance to indulge your spirituality in one of the holiest spots of the Hindus.

How to Get There

By Air :

The nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, about 250 km from Gangotri.

By Rail :

Rishikesh railway station is the nearest railway station which is nearly 245 kilometers away from Gangotri.

By Road :

Gangotri is well linked with other major parts of the country. You can also get taxi to reach Gangotri from major destinations of Uttarakhand such as Rishikesh, Dehradun ,Uttarkashi and many others. Distance from places; Delhi: 470 km, Dehradun: 280 km,
Kedarnath: 260 km, Uttarkashi: 94 km, Rishikesh: 235 km

Gaumukh Glacier

This is the spot where everything begins. It is here that the river Bhagirathi originates. The Bhagirathi River later becomes the holy river Ganga when it meets Alaknanda. The Gaumukh glacier looks just like the face of a cow which has caused the unique name to be given. The immense Gaumukh glacier is actually the second largest glacier in India

Submerged Shivling

The Submerged Shivling is a fascinating sight indeed. The Shivling was made by the hand of nature. It is completely natural and looks striking as the cold pristine waters of the river flow over it. The Shivling is only accessible during the winter when the water level is low. According to the Hindu mythology, the Shivlingam is the spot where Lord Shiva tied the waters of the River Ganga into his matted hair in order to control her fury.

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