Vrindavan : The Holy Forest

  • How to Get There
  • Govind Dev Temple
  • Bankey Bihari Temple
  • Madan Mohan Temple
  • Shahji Temple
  • Rangaji Temple
  • Pagal Baba Temple


Vrindavan : The Holy Forest

Vrindavan was site of a quaint village that was surrounded lush green forests. Now, it is a bustling town.

The history of Vrindavan lies within the Hindu mythologies. It is believed to be the place where the young Lord Krishna had spent his childhood. Due to this association, Vrindavan has become a site filled with innumerable temples, big and small. Some of them are quite old while others are modern and most of them are replete with some unique features.

How to Get There

By Air :

Agra is the nearest airport 67 kms from Vrindavan

By Rail :

Vrindavan Railway Station which is connected to almost all the major cities of Uttar Pradesh like Delhi, Jaipur, Nagpur, Pune and Bangalore. Mathura which is only 15 kms away is a major railhead

By Road :

Vrindavan is well connected to Mathura and all other important tourist destinations by bus services and is placed on direct road link from Delhi and Agra.

Govind Dev Temple

The Govind Dev Temple is a beautiful temple in Vrindavan that is dedicated to the Lord Govind, a particular representation of Lord Krishna. The structure of the temple looks amazing and you are bound to be awed over at the massive construction. The temple has been created from red sandstone whose hues are quite striking.

Bankey Bihari Temple

The imposing structure of the Bankey Bihari Temple is easily an architectural masterpiece and among the best in Vrindavan. Inside the magnificent structure, there lies a rare idol of Lord Krishna. He is depicted in the tribhanga pose and is in the form of Bankey Bihari. The idol is black in color and people are prevented from gazing at the idol for too long. It is believed that a person can lose conciseness if the view of the idol is continuous.

Madan Mohan Temple

The Madan Mohan Temple was one of the first to have been constructed in the cityscape of Vrindavan. The ancient structure still stands magnificently with its entire splendor intact. Lord Krishna is worshipped here in the form of Madan Mohan.

Shahji Temple

One of the first things you can notice about this marvelous temple is the unique marble pillars. They have been crafted exquisitely to make it seem that the pillar has been twisted. The beautiful marble used in its construction adds a layer of sheen to the wonderful architecture of the temple. The temple is quite breathtaking in its artistry. You will be stunned at the sheer spectacle offered by the Durbar Hall inside the temple. The exquisite shimmering chandeliers inside the hall were brought specially from Belgium.

Rangaji Temple

The Rangaji Temple is another of the beautiful temples in Vrindavan. What is striking about this temple is that it does not feature any North Indian style of architecture. Rather the architecture has been influenced by the temples of South India. The temple is quite impressive with its rich carvings and designs.

Pagal Baba Temple

From a distance it is easy to mistake the Pagal Baba Temple as a castle that has got lost from a fairy tale. The temple is spread over 10 stories and looks singularly gorgeous. Inside the temple, you will be regaled with a succession of cute animated puppets and interesting dioramas. These depict the important scenes from the lives of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna.