Vijayawada : The City of Victory

  • How to Get There
  • Kanaka Durga Temple
  • Victoria Museum
  • Mogalarajapuram Caves
  • Kondapalli Fort


Vijayawada : The City of Victory

The literal meaning of the name, Vijayawada is a victorious city. The name seems rather appropriate as the city is amazingly glorious. The city has many aspects to fascinate you.The city of Vijayawada is nestled within the beauty of nature. The Bay of Bengal touches the city in the east while the Indrakiladri Hills tower over the western side. At the northern and the southern sides, you will find 2 different rivers slowing by placidly. The River Krishna flows to the south of the city while the Budameru River is at the north,

During the summer months, the fragrance of fresh ripe mangoes floods the streets. It can make you wet your lips in anticipation. The sweets of the city are quite famous and are bound to make your mouth water with their rich tastes. The city is quite prominent for its religious temples as well. Additionally, you will come to love the natural sights of the place such as the many springs and caves.

How to Get There

By Air :

Vijayawada Airport is the main airport of the city. It is located 24 km away at Gannavaram. The airport has regular flights from Delhi and Hyderabad.

By Rail :

The Vijayawada railway station is one of the major railheads located in the Chennai-Delhi route. The railhead is connected well to all the major railway stations of the region and one can get frequent trains from here.

By Road :

The APSRTC buses connect the city with all the major cities of the state as well as the adjoining states.

Kanaka Durga Temple

The Kanaka Durga Temple is located in a scenic spot. It is on top of the Indrakiladri Hills while the charming Krishna River flows by. The goddess Kanaka Durga, a form of Lady Durga, is worshipped here. The idol is a sight to enjoy as it is bedecked with ornaments that glitter under the light while bright flowers are placed as reverence. The many idols that line the steps leading to the temple resent many different gods and goddesses.

Victoria Museum

Built as an honor for the coronation jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1887, the structure of the museum is spectacular. The museum itself hosts a nice collection of antiques, weapons and pieces of art. The serene garden in the museum showcases some beautiful sculptures.

Mogalarajapuram Caves

The incredible Mogalarajapuram Caves is famous for the three temples inside the caves. These temples are incredibly ancient and it is believed that they were built in the 5th century. The carving of Ardhanariswara in one of these cave temples is amazing and highly impressive. It is possibly the only one to exist

Kondapalli Fort

Built in the 14th century, the Kondapalli Fort looks quite majestic even after the passage of the years. However, there is still a bit of confusion as to the original construction date. It is situated on top of a hill allowing you access to some great panoramas of the surrounding areas. The architecture is quite good as well.