• A Vista of Temples
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A Vista of Temples

The beautiful city of Thiruchirapalli is located on the banks the scenic Cauvery River. Popularly called Trichy, the city contains some incredible temples along with a fort carved spectacularly from rock. The area that is now known as Thiruchirapalli is one of the oldest inhabited areas in Tamil Nadu. Some of the ancient settlements here date back to the second millennium B.C. Some of the glorious dynasties of Tamil Nadu ruled over the city. They include the Pallava dynasty which ruled from 590 A.D. to 880 A.D. Then came the Hoysulas followed by the Pandayas. They have left an indelible mark in the heritage of the city. Under the colonial rule, many churches were added to the list of religious spots in Thiruchirapalli.

How to Get There

By Air :

Trichy has a domestic & international airport, 5 km away from the city.

By Rail :

Trichy railway station which is connected to Chennai, Madurai, Bangalore, Mysore, Tirupati,Rameshwaram and Kochi.

By Road :

Roads are well connected and offers you relaxed journey to various destinations of South India. Distance from other places; Bangalore: 345 km, Chennai: 328 km, Pondicherry: 205 km, Rameshwaram: 235 km, Madurai: 135 km

Rock Fort

Perched on the top of a giant outcrop, the Rock Fort rules the skyline of Thiruchirapalli like an arrogant king. The kings of the Pallava and the Pandaya dynasties first started to carve temples here by creating small caves here. Later, the nayak dynasty decided to make use of the excellent position by building a fort. Inside the fort lies a number of appealing temples. There is even a hall with 100 pillars here. It is however, the temples which will attract you more. The Thayumanaswamy Temple is the biggest one inside the fort. The Pallava temple here was built in the 6th century and contains a fascinating panel which shows Lord Shiva subduing the waters of River Ganga with a single strand of hair


Srirangam is home to the biggest temple in India and the second biggest in the world, the Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple. This huge temple is so big that you may feel that it is a small city by itself. There are 49 different shrines here but all of them are dedicated to Lord Vishnu. There are many majestic gopurams or entrance towers in the complex but the most magnificent has to be the Rajagopuram. The Rajagopuram is believed to be the tallest temple tower in all of Asia. There is a viewpoint available on a roof nearby from where you get a fantastic view of the temple complex. An art museum is maintained here. Although small, it contains some intriguing and interesting pieces of art. You will find a superb collection of ivory figurines which depict gods, kings, queens and demons. There are even tusks here which belonged to the elephants who served in the temple in bygone days.


Tiruvanaikkaval is a small suburb in Thiruchirapalli and is home to a spectacular temple. It was also here that C.V. Raman, the famous Indian Nobel laureate was born. The Jambukeswarar Temple looms large over the area. Dedicated to lord Shiva, the temple is a fascinating sight. Fine carvings adorn the temple. Here the Shivalingam continuously issues a stream of water. The Jambukeswarar Temple is one of the five elemental temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple signifies water.