Pelling : Mountain Grandeur

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  • Khecheopalri Lake
  • Rabdentse Ruins
  • Pemayangtse Monastery
  • Yuksom : Glory to Himalayan Nature
  • Dubdi Monastery
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West Sikkim

Pelling : Mountain Grandeur

One of the most frequent things you may end up doing in Pelling is to stop suddenly and stare at the spectacular view of the Kanchenjunga mountain range. The resplendent beauty of nature here is just one among the many fascinations of Pelling. It is nestled among a beautiful landscape that can only be found in the Himalayas. You are going to be rewarded intensely by Mother Nature here. Sparkling waterfalls crash and roar, enchanting all of your senses at the same time. The beautiful Khecheopalri Lake will render you speechless as you will simply be lost in its beauty. You should feel free to indulge your adventurous self with seem exciting activities that will take you closer to nature. A trek through the fascinating landscape or skiing through the snowy landscape can fill you with ecstasy.

How to Get There

By Air :

The nearest Airport from Pelling is Bagdogra Airport, Siliguri, roughly four hour drive from Pelling. Scheduled flights are available from cities such as New Delhi, Guwahati, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.

By Rail :

Pelling does not have a railway station and the nearest railway station is Jalpaiguri which is 95kms from Pelling

By Road :

Pelling is very well connected with the places like Gangtok, Siliguri, and Jalpaiguri through roads and regular buses, shared jeeps, private taxis ply from these places to Pelling.

Khecheopalri Lake

The natural lake is considered to be a very holy one by the Buddhists and the Lepcha people. They consider the shape of the lake to be similar to the footprint of goddess Tara. According to the legends in the place, the birds of the lank diligently keep the purity of the lake intact by removing leaves that fall on it.Irrespective of its mythological value, the fact remains that you are looking at an amazing lake. The banks are lined with prayer wheels while prayer flags flutter in the cold winds of the lake. Serenity is an apt description for the placid lake which reflects the heavens above.

Rabdentse Ruins

Rabdentse was the royal capital of the state of Sikkim during the period of 1670 to 1814. Now, Rabdentse has lost all of its glory and lies in ruins. The sorrowful sight, which stretches before you, consists of mostly broken walls and inscriptions stones that speak of the grandeur that it had once upon a time. Be that as it may, you will find it difficult to peel your eyes away thanks to the incredible beauty of the surrounding area. The incredible majesty of the Kanchenjunga Range serves as the spectacular background for the ruins.

Pemayangtse Monastery

Pemayangtse literally means the perfect sublime lotus and the monastery looks suitably grand. It is one of the most significant and oldest monasteries in Sikkim dedicated to the Nyingmapa sect of Buddhism. The Pemayangtse Gompa stands magnificently over a hill and provides a remarkable view of the Rabdentse ruins. A serene atmosphere hangs over the monastery which is surrounded by beautiful gardens and the traditional cottages where the monks reside.Inside the grand structure, you will come face to face with a stunning idol of Lord Buddha. There are also statues here which depict the eight different reincarnations of Padmasambhava. At the top of the monastery, your jaw will drop at the unbelievable model of Zangdok Palri, the heavenly abode of Padmasambhava. This incredible structure comprises of seven tiers and was the fruits of hard labor and dedication of a single lama.

Yuksom : Glory to Himalayan Nature

The might Himalayan Mountains tower over the skyline of Yuksom making your jaw drop at every conceivable opportunity. The landscape of Yuksom is capable of taking your breath away as well. The town is stretched over some incredible mountain ridges carpeted with the emerald hue of evergreen forests of alpine trees. Yuksom is dotted with many serene monasteries and quaint villages. A veritable multitude of waterfalls can be heard clamoring in the distance. A leisurely walk through Yuksom can be a refreshing and reinvigorating experience.

Dubdi Monastery

Looming over Yuksam like an atmospheric giant, the Dubdi Monastery is an interesting scene in itself. The majestic monastery is set within the confines of a stunning garden. Built in 1701, the Dubdi Gompa is one of the oldest in Sikkim. The monastery houses a rich collection of texts and monasteries. There are some fascinating images of saints and divinities here as well. You can approach the monastery through a path lined with beautiful trumpet lilies.

Sanga-Choling Monastery

Widely considered to be the second oldest Gompa in Sikkim, the Sanga-Choling Monastery was built in 1695. The proud structure can provide you with some stunning views. The area is so tranquil that you can easily enter a meditative state here while the numerous prayer flags flutter in the wind.