Lachung : Breathtaking Paradise

    Lachen : Valley of Snowy Pines

  • How to Get There
  • Yumthang : Valley Of Beauty
  • Kabi Lungchok
  • Thangu : A True Rustic Mountain Village
  • Gurudongmar Lake

North Sikkim

Lachung : Breathtaking Paradise

The quaint village of Lachung is surrounded by picturesque mountains. Taken together, it seems that you have stepped into a painting. Sparkling streams flow down from the snowy mountains. In Lachung, you can listen to the musical orchestra of the scenic waterfalls which can take your breath away with their beauty. Distant mountainous peaks glitter under the sun creating an enchantment which is hard to escape. Orchards of apples, apricots and peaches fill the area with the delicious fragrance of ripe fruits.Inside the town, you can shop around for the local handicrafts. The blankets and rugs here are exquisitely woven by the local craftsmen.

Lachen : Valley of Snowy Pines

Lachen is one of the most amazing places that Sikkim has to offer. The smallness of the town creates a cozy atmosphere perfect for relaxing in the bosom of nature. In fact, the natural beauty of the region is going to mesmerize you. The Buddhist monastery here is fascinating in its splendor.The valleys of Lachen are carpeted with emerald pine forests. Sometimes, you may only end up seeing a blanket of white snow from which these evergreen trees poke out as if shy. The view of the Eastern Himalayan Mountains is startling and the panorama of the snowy covered peaks can make your heart skip a beat or two. The landscape of Lachen is perfect for hiking.

How to Get There

By Air :

The nearest Domestic Airport is Bagdogra Airport.

By Road :

Lachen and Lachung is easily accessible from other cities in Sikkim and the neighboring states by shared jeeps, private taxis.

Yumthang : Valley Of Beauty

You will have no choice but to admire the amazing valley of Yumthang. There are some excellent trails here for hiking which is the perfect excuse for enjoying the scenery. The hike will allow you to get a better view of the landscape and it will be a reinvigorating experience. During the summer months, you will find the valley carpeted with the 24 different species of rhododendrons blooming in unison with other alpine plants as if rioting.

Kabi Lungchok

The beautiful grove of Kabi Lungchok is steeped in history. It holds immense religious significance as well. As you travel towards Kabi Lungchok, you are going to be regaled with the tranquil sight of villages, fields and deep valleys. Suddenly, you will notice the forest groves looming large before you. At Kabi Lungchok, a historic pact took place between the communities of Bhutias and Lepchas. Together they signed the treaty of the Blood Brotherhood here. This treaty still defines the culture of Sikkim today. The communities erected stone markers here to remember the promise they made which are still standing beautifully.

Thangu : A True Rustic Mountain Village

Thangu has a distinctly end of the world feeling attached to it. Phones of any kind are not available here. Solar energy is used to generate the electricity. Additionally, the Chinese border is around 15 km away.However, in spite of the rustic charm of the place, you will have to admit that its beauty can make jaws drop in awe. An endless expanse of snow stretches in every direction only to hit the white edges of the Himalayan Mountains.

Gurudongmar Lake

At an altitude of 5210 meters, the Gurudongmar Lake is one of the highest lakes in the world. The incredible blue waters of the lake are tranquil. The lake is surrounded by some beautiful peaks which add to the splendor of the place. It does not come as a surprise to know that the lake is considered to be a holy one by the Buddhists. It is after all a spectacular lake.