Kumbhalgarh : A Romantic Fort

  • Haldighati
  • Kumbhalgarh Fort
  • Muchchal Mahavir Temple

Kumbhalgarh : A Romantic Fort

Kumbhalgarh is like a fantastical place that is bound to evoke romance. The remoteness of the fort only serves to enhance its enigmatic aspect. Romantic expectations are evoked and fulfilled as you discover one of the great forts in Rajasthan. It is the epitome of the Rajput warrior culture. Its romantic aspect is heightened by its exciting place in history.


The romantic history of Haldighati has often made people consider it to be the Thermopylae of India. Haldighati is a small pass that played a grand role in history when the Rajputs led by Maharana Pratap Singh tried to defend their capital, Mewar, from invasion by the Mughals. The historical importance of the area is showcased through the monuments and statues erected in the honor of the brave Rajput warriors and the valiant horse of the Maharana, Chetak.

Kumbhalgarh Fort

The sheer magnificence of the Kumbalgarh Fort cannot be accurately described in words. It is the site of the second largest wall in the whole of Asia and the world. The entire fort stands like a proud testament to the grandeur of the Rajputs and is capable of meeting and exceeding any romantic aspirations the creators might have had. As expected of this grand structure, the history and legends associated with the Kumbhalgarh Fort are suitably rich. The proud fort was defeated only once in its long history and still stands with its grandeur largely undiminished. The magnificent fort lies atop a hill which only serves to highlight its grandiosity. Moreover, the view that you can get from the top of the fort palace is breathtaking to say the least. You can view the vast Aravalli Range of mountains and the beautiful sand dunes located in the Thar Desert. The view is clear and stunning.


Mahavir Temple

The temple is dedicated to the Mahavir of the Jain religion.
The Jain temple is grand with intricate carvings on the pillars and the walls. The legend associated with the temple is enjoyable and provides a reason for the wired nomenclature of the temple as Mahavir is supposed to be clean-shaven.