Ziro : Mythical Beauty

The Ziro Valley is possibly one of the most enchanting landscapes you will ever encounter in India. The quaint and yet stunning valley is nestled amongst the mighty mountains that tower over the place like giants. The view of the valley from a distance can be striking. It can seem like one of those mythical places that only exist in legends and fairy tales. The Ziro Valley possesses a distinctly rustic charm with its beautiful rice fields that are swept over by the wind. Small rivulets make their way through the charming landscape and villages here are picturesque.

The Ziro valley is home to a fascinating wildlife sanctuary were many endangered species are protected. There are some beautiful temples here such as the Meghna Cave Temple. Of course, the valley of Ziro is dotted with spots to enjoy the beauty of untouched nature such as the Kile Pakho and Midey. At Midday, you can trek around the amazing pine trees or indulge in hiking.