Pahalgam : Glory below the Heavens

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  • Chandanwari
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Pahalgam : Glory below the Heavens

In Pahalgam, dusty roads will lead you to a vista of open green spaces. Massive mountains lie in the distance half obscured by the floating clouds.The gushing Lidder River makes its way through dense forests of fir and pine. Originally, Pahalgam was a shepherds’ village. You can take a stroll through the grasslands to enjoy the fresh mountain air surrounded by some beautiful panoramas. The valleys created by the Lidder and the Seshnag rivers are covered with massive conifers. Hidden amongst the thick foliage are some scenic spots and pristine clear lakes. If walking is not entertaining enough, hire a horse and gallop away into these magnificent places which are a feast for the eyes.

How to Get There

By Air :

Nearest is Srinagar airport is 89 km from the city.

By Rail :

The nearest railhead for Pahalgam is Jammu Tawi.

By Road :

Pahalgam is well connected to Srinagar and Jammu by buses.


Chandanwari marks the spot for Hindu pilgrims to start their pilgrimage towards Amarnath. However, religion is not what brings people here. You can
enjoy the snowy slopes here with some exciting sledge riding. Some beautiful picnic spots are located nearby calling you to spend a few hours in the lap of Mother Nature. The river valley of Lidder lies on one side and lofty snow peaks lie on theother making the area look like it stepped out of a picture book.


Mount Bhairav looms over Panchtarni, one of the halting spots for pilgrims on the Amaranth Yatra. Legend has it that the five rivers from the hair of Lord Shiva come together in Panchtarni. This legend is also responsible for the name. The legend however fails to mention the incredible natural beauty of this place. The presence of the rivers has managed to give birth to a fantastic range of flora and fauna. Wild bears are known to prowl around the area in search of prey. A myriad collection of other rare animals roam here under the canopies of numerous conifers.


In a particularly cold morning, the Shesh Nag Lake appears like a glassy mirror reflecting the majesty of the snowy mountains surrounding it. The lake is frozen nearly the entire year which is a sight to see. Green meadows surround the glassy landscape as well. The name refers to Sheshnag, the king of the snakes according to Hindu mythology who supposedly lives in the lake.


One of the holiest pilgrimage sites of the Hindus, Amarnth is difficult to access. However, it is certainly beautiful. The Amarnath Cave is a magnificent sight indeed. Gargantuan snowy peaks hide the horizons outside. Inside the cave, you will be awestruck at the Shiva lingam made from ice. The majestic lingam is a completely natural phenomenon formed from an ice stalagmite. This place has been revered as holy since times immemorial. Standing inside the Amarnath cave, you too will have no choice but to feel spiritual with the beauty that surrounds you.


When visiting the Aru valley, you may feel that you have stepped into one of those beautiful picture cards. Aru has everything that a scenic mountain should have. A gorgeous valley filled with picturesque meadows, a quaint town, some pristine lakes and some stunning mountain views call you when you visit Aru valley. Here in Aru valley, you can camp under the stars surrounded by all the beauty that nature can offer. A stroll or a fishing trip is the perfect way to relax in this languid atmosphere. The biosphere reserve here hosts some amazing and rare species.


The undulating landscape of Baisaran with its huge meadow is a sight to behold. Thick forests of pine trees cover the feet of the grand snowy peaks in the distance. As you approach, you may feel that Mother Nature has laid out a green carpet in the midst of snowy mountains welcoming you to her bosom. In order to get have the best experience in Baisaran; take a trek through the woods. You will be able to appreciate the true beauty of nature this way.