Gulmarg : Heavenly Meadow of Flowers

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Gulmarg : Heavenly Meadow of Flowers

The meadow of flowers is an apt description of Gulmarg. Pine trees surround the stunning meadow nestled in the midst of the mighty mountains. The lovely landscape of Gulmarg charms the visitor. The snowy mountains in the distance contrast the lush forests close by. Trek through the various trails to get a feel of the enchanting beauty of the place. Skiing is a favorite pastime with Gulmarg being the only skiing resort offered in India. The meadow of flowers certainly has some fine flowering plants. You can be enchanted with the sight of the blooms stretching across the landscape as the mighty snow mountains look on in the distance. Get on the gondola to get a breathtaking panoramic view over the pine forests. Divine is one word that will frequently pop into your mind when you take in the views at Gulmarg.

How to Get There

By Air :

Nearest is Srinagar airport is 52 km from the city.

By Rail :

The nearest railhead for Gulmarg is Jammu Tawi.

By Road :

There are a number of buses that are available for Jammu and Kashmir the deluxe, state and private buses are available to reach Gulmarg.


The enchanting beauty of Khilanmarg strikes you as you walk towards it. Gorgeous forests cover Khilanmarg with deep valleys dotting the landscape. The natural splendor of the place is enchanting enough but the sight of the mighty mountains is like the icing on a fantastic cake. The Himalayan Mountains seem close enough for a quick walk as they dominate the landscape like a behemoth guarding the pristine beauty of the area. Visit in the summer and you will be assaulted by Mother Nature in all her glory. The lush green landscape is dotted with numerous flowers blooming in unison. In the winter, the snowy slopes will call out to you for a ski run.

Alpather Lake

Shaped like a triangle, the Alpather Lake is an experience unto itself. The pristine waters of the lake compete with the snowy mountains, each trying to outshine each other with their blinding beauty. The magnificent splashes of color in the view offered by the Alpather Lake makes it seem like an artist’s canvas. The white snow, the lush green forests, a myriad collection of colorful flowers and the blue lake combine to create a spectacular sight.

Wular Lake

The tantalizing landscape that surrounds the magnificent Wular Lake is a seemingly bewitching vista. However, unlike the other resplendent sights in Kashmir, Wular Lake is untamed. Nature runs wild in the Wular Lake, counted among the largest freshwater lakes in Asia. The pristine waters of the lake shiver with the sharp cold winds that cut across the surface. Huge waves give an eternally angry appearance to this majestic lake. The banks are covered in thick forests while tall mountains provide a background. Flooding is a common occurrence during certain seasons.

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