Junagadh: The Ancient Fort City

  • How to Get There
  • Mahabat Maqbara
  • Durbar Hall Museum
  • Mount Girnar
  • Ashoka’s Rock Edicts
  • Uperkot Fort
  • Gir National Park


Junagadh: The Ancient Fort City

Junagadh is one of the most remarkable places in the state of Gujarat. The ancient city is nestled amongst some of the most amazing topography in Gujarat. The entire area of Junagadh is filled with incredible temples. However, it is the old fort that looms large over them. The fort is more than 2300 years old and located right on the base of the holy hill, Girnar. The scenic location of the fort will make your jaw drop with awe. Here history has left behind some incredible buildings of cultural and religious value. Make your way through them and you will be drenched in history and religion alike. In short, Junagadh offers a fascinating experience for you to enjoy.

How to Get There

By Air :

Keshod Airport in order to reach Junagadh by air. This airport is the closest one to the city at a distance of 40 KM. Direct flights to Mumbai can be availed from this domestic airport.You can also reach Junagadh by air through airports at Porbandar and Rajkot.

By Rail :

Junagadh has a prominent railway station which has well connectivity via rail to the major Indian cities like Ahmedabad, Veraval and Rajkot. Trains also run between the nearby locations close to Junagadh.

By Road :

Well-maintained network of roads make Junagadh easily accessible from most of the key cities of Gujarat as well as the neighboring states.

Mahabat Maqbara

The Mahabat Maqbara is a magnificent mausoleum. Nawab Mahabat Khan II is laid here resting for eternity. The architecture of the mausoleum is incredible and fantastic. The architecture is an engrossing blend of the European, Indian and Islamic styles. This structure has French windows but Gothic columns which is just amazing together.

Durbar Hall Museum

The Durbar Hall Museum is rich in historical artifacts. Here you will find items that date back to the age when Nawabs ruled the region. You can feast your eyes on these glorious items such as weapons, armor, chandeliers, palanquins and howdahs. However, the center of attraction is a gigantic carpet that was woven by inmates of the Junagadh Jail. The royal portrait gallery shows pictures of the various Nawabs and other regal personages who once held sway in the region of Junagadh.

Mount Girnar

Enjoy a spectacular view at Mount Girnar. A staircase of around 10,000 steps lead to the top of the hill from the very bottom. The dawn will be the best time to undertake this rigorous exercise. The effort will be worth it as you can enjoy the mesmerizing views of the surrounding area which slowly lights up with the rising of the sun. The slopes of Mount Girnar are dotted with numerous temples. There are clusters of Jain temples easily identifiable by their domes. These domes are fascinating decorated with mosaic. Elaborate stupas can be found interspersed among the clusters of domes. Some of these temples are incredibly ancient with one dating back to the 12th century. The Hindu religion is represented by an ample number of shrines as well. Many gods and goddesses are worshipped in shrines. Some of them include the Goddess Kali and Lord Vishnu.

Ashoka’s Rock Edicts

The legendary Buddhist emperor Ashoka once held a dominion that stretched across the length and breadth of India. He had left behind several edicts carved into rock pillars and boulders which were erected at all corners of his empire. The one in Junagadh dates back to 250 BC and contains moral instructions to the common citizens of Ashoka’s empire.

Uperkot Fort

It can be difficult to believe that magnificent fort that stands before you like a behemoth is more than 2000 years old. In fact, it was built in the year 319 BC by the great emperor, Chandragupta Maurya. The history of the fort is just as legendary as its proportions. Apparently, the fort once withstood a siege that lasted for 12 years. The fort commands a superb view of the surrounding area including the Girnar Hill. Inside, you will find a spectacular roofed courtyard.

Gir National Park

The Gir National park stands as proudly as the majestic lion. Inside this oasis of greenery, lies on of the last bastions of the endangered Asiatic Lions. A safari through the enchanting land, will most certainly help you get a glimpse of the royal beast proudly making its way through the foliage. There are other interesting species here as well including Indian leopards, sloth bears, jungle cats and even the rare pangolins. Nearly 300 species of birds live here and create an orchestra of cries.