Thailand : A Sublime Land

Thailand is a tropical and yet exotic place with its friendly outlook, rich history and culture. The sparkling temples and the golden beaches are made all the better with the warm comfort of the Thai smile.

Thailand is one of those rare places where you can enjoy the culture of cities and beauty of nature in equal measure. Green rice paddies, bluish mountains, tropical forests and glittering waterfalls mix together to create a scene that can render you speechless and stunned.

Religion is an integral part of the Thai life in the country where some of the most amazing pieces of architecture are the temples that gleam with their golden shades in the sunlight. You will find temples everywhere and you can become a part of the many religious festivals, especially the ones in the northeast of the country.

Thailand is famous for three things. The scope for shopping in Bangkok is legendary while the beaches are considered to be dreamy. The other famous thing is the Thai cuisine which has become a representation of the Thai culture. The dishes are complex in their use of simple items and techniques. You will find enough scope to dig into these delectable dishes while you scour the Bangkok streets during a shopping spree or while relaxing under the shades of palm trees surrounding the charming beaches.