Macau : Intriguing Duality

Macau is the creation of two entirely influences and cultures that have very little in common. Yet, Macau has managed to make the most of this interesting duality.

Its former colonial masters from Portugal have left behind gorgeous churches, stunning fortresses and their mouthwatering traditions of culinary art. This has created a uniquely Mediterranean flavor in what is the coast of China. At the same time the Chinese heritage is easily visible through its customs, picturesque alleys, beautiful shines and temples. This intermixing has created a distinct feel to the place.

Macau has, however, become famous for its casinos. Often called the Vegas of the East, Macau is the only region in China to have legalized gambling. The lights and games at these casinos can be dazzling.

Taipa in Macau was once nothing more than farms and fisheries. Now, it is absolutely unrecognizable with its modern edifices and buildings. If you wish to visit the old way of life in Macau, you should visit Coloane which still has a distinct rustic feel and charm to it.

In Macau, you can roam around the many structures that have been left behind by the Portuguese while sampling the delicious local fare. The charm of Macau lies in its duality and its rich casinos.