Switzerland : Kingdom of the Alps

Switzerland is a place where you can enjoy transcendental experiences and undertake exalted journeys. It is made even better by the presence of divine chocolates and gorgeous mountains laden with snow.

The rural charm of Switzerland is finely contrasted with an excellent range of cities. Enjoy the modern art at the medieval Bern, the strong architecture in Germanic Basel, the shopping centers in chic Geneva and the Swiss streets of contemporary Zurich. A journey through Switzerland can be an epic one indeed.

The dreamy landscapes of Switzerland will pull you in and you should be ready to let your spirits fly. Ski and snowboard across the snowy slopes or hike around the green pastures. Lose yourself in the deep valleys or the shimmering shores of lakes. Enjoy an intoxicating walk through refreshing vineyards or parachute over the grand landscapes.

Weave through the rich Alpine traditions in Swiss villages. The chalets, farmsteads and granaries are like a slice of a more rustic life. Ancient markets and folk fairs add an element of gaiety. Celebrate and embrace the rural cuisines with soft Swiss cheese that melts in the mouth and fresh meats from the farms. Of course, there are always the mouthwatering chocolates.

Switzerland is a slideshow of experiences and pictures waiting to regale and enchant you.

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