Portugal : Experience of a Lifetime

The country of Portugal offers you medieval castles alongside lovely villages with cobblestone paths, amazing cities and picturesque beaches with golden sands. Rich in history and filled with idyllic landscapes and the aroma of mouthwatering foods, Portugal is an experience in itself.

This country has been influenced by the likes of Moors, Celts, Romans, Christians and Visigoths. Filled with a number of ancient sites, you can gaze into the historic past there. The Vila Nova de Foz Côa with the 20,000 year old carvings on stone and the enigmatic megaliths near Évora are some of the sights you can enjoy here. You can explore woodlands hidden by veils of mist while picturesque castles lie atop craggy cliffs. You can even wander the town centers of medieval towns which are still preserved quite stunningly.

Come out from the cities of Portugal and experience a startling variety of beauty. The large coastline of the country is filled with splendid places where you can simply enjoy being in the bosom of nature. Dramatic cliffs, stellar beaches, sandy islands and a languid blue sea, Portugal offers all these and more.

Apart from the scenery, you will become enamored with the old traditions in the villages and prettiness of the towns. Portugal can surprise you with another elegant sight when you think you have seen it all.

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