The Netherlands : A Gentle Beauty

The Netherlands possesses a beauty that is subtle. Filled with masterpieces and windmills, a certain portion of the country has a nice rustic feel to it. People in the Netherlands will welcome you will their wry humor and culture.

In terms of art, the Netherlands has produced some of the greatest masters in the world. Maybe it has something to do with the beautiful landscapes. Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Vermeer were all from this country. The other icons of the country are undoubtedly the classic windmills and the colorful tulips. As you walk across the countryside, you will come across these quaint windmills twirling quietly while a stunning landscape surrounds it.

As for tulips, you will find them carpeting entire fields with their multitudinous bright colors. You will love bicycling around the countryside with these beautiful bulbs for company. Another famous icon of the Netherlands is the lovely wooden clogs.

There are many stunning medieval towns in the Netherlands starting with Amsterdam. Others include Haarlem, Deventer and Edam. These cities with their old charms are a delight to visit. Canal towns such as Utrecht and Leiden welcome you with their picturesque surroundings.

The best way to enjoy Netherlands is to flow with the local flavor. Enjoy lively conversations in cafes or simply bike around the tulip fields and sea vistas.

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