Ireland : Timeless Beauty

Do not be deceived by the small size of Ireland. Its landscape is timeless in its beauty which has only got better with age. Nature itself is lyrical here which explains why some of the most profound authors and thinkers were from Ireland. Moreover, the friendliness of the people is just infectious.

The picture that you can see on the postcards of Ireland actually exists and it is every bit as beautiful in reality. Beauty drips in Ireland like the rain. You will find it on the gorgeous peninsulas, the contemplative isolation of Connemara, the fascinating wilds in County Dugal, the pristine lakes in the Counties Leitrim and the splendid hills in the southeast.

In spite of modernization, Ireland has not lost any of its ancient charms. You should see the rage of the Atlantic Ocean as it beats on the rocky coasts drumming up an ancient melody that stirs the soul.

The history of this evergreen country is hard to escape from. It comes alive in the form of the spectacular monuments at Brú na Bóinne which dates back to prehistoric Ireland. The culture of Ireland can be quite overwhelming with its wide range of options such as theatre, art and music. Ireland is truly a land which lives and breathes beauty in all its forms.

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