France : A Slice of Romance

There is a certain charm in France that is decidedly familiar. You can feel it as you visit the lovely cafe terraces, the bistros with their lace curtains and the markets that have a distinct village square feel. There is after all, a reason why this country is the most popular of destinations in the world.

France is famous across the world for its art and architecture. The museums are outstanding and there are ancient Roman temples and amazing chateaux from the Renaissance era. Iconic landmarks will seduce you while smaller ones will fascinate you. In fact, the repertoire of France in terms of its cultural heritage is simply staggering, both in terms of number and diversity.

Glorious structures like the Versailles, Notre Dame and the Arc de Triumph are symbols of the romantic nature of France. As for the Eiffel Tower, You will be speechless when it is lit up against the evening sky no matter how many times you have seen it.

The gourmet culture of France is another fascinating side to the country. Food holds a high place of importance to the people here. The French gastronomy is not about eating, it is an informative experience.

Add to these attractions, the spellbinding beauty of the French countryside such as the French Rivera and Corsica. In other words, France will be an incredible journey.

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