Denmark : A Fairy Tale

In the many surveys about quality of life and happiness in countries across the world, you will always come across Denmark somewhere at or very close to the very top. A simple walk around the country will reveal the reason behind this phenomenon.

If there is any country in the world which seems to have been inspired by fairy tales in terms of beauty then it is Denmark. The stories of Hans Christian Anderson seem to come alive in the landscape of Denmark. There is a certain old charm that persists in Denmark in spite of its modern achievements and developments. You will experience for yourself the concept of hugged which is unique to the Danish.

Denmark made an impact on the world nearly a thousand years when the Vikings ravaged the lands of Europe. Now, Denmark is the pinnacle of civilization with an amazing array of architectural splendors, sophisticated urban planning and sustainable designs. The culinary art of the region is mouthwatering and Nordic cuisine is being redeveloped.

There is a simplicity that permeates the natural grandeur of Denmark. Long beaches of sands and calm lakes are understated pieces of beauty. Traveling through Denmark is easy and gives you the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation.

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