Tanzania : Exuberance of Nature

Nature is offered as a complete package in Tanzania. You will find Mount Kilimanjaro overlooking the hordes of wildlife roaming the vast endless plains. Stunning beaches are washed by the calm waters of the Indian Ocean. Here, you can enjoy the company of friendly people and delve into the depths of some fascinating cultures.

You will come to love Tanzania for its host of cultures and peoples. You can meet the famed Maasai warriors with their red clocks or the semi-nomadic peoples of the Barabaig tribe. It is the people of Tanzania that makes your trip all the more memorable with their warmth of affection and the beauty of their cultures.

Although the wildlife in Tanzania is enchanting, you are bound to find its coast a magical place. Hugging the waters of the Indian Ocean, the coastline is dotted with peaceful islands and languid villages. You can relax on the soothing sands while taking in the spellbinding beauty of the sunrises.

Tanzania is easily the best place in Africa to enjoy safaris. Stampeding wildebeest, jostling hippos, wandering elephants and a chaotic mixture of other grand creatures offer you an unparalleled opportunity for observing them in their natural habitats. If lucky, you can enjoy the breathtaking sight of an African lion majestically walking by.