Sweden : Living in Style

Sweden is where you can get frozen cozy cottages surrounded by virgin forests, frozen wastelands and rocky islands, herds of reindeer and the lore of the Vikings. The style of Sweden is fantastic wherever you lay your eyes on.

It is difficult to be bored in Sweden and more challenging to find something drab. Each house and cottage is styled with care and decorated beautifully. The style is however rooted in function. The aesthetics of the manmade structures reflect the beauty of the region.

The natural beauty available here is the best thing about Sweden. Sail across a charming archipelago and isolate yourself in a lonely island. Trek across a stunning trail and take in the untamed allure of the wilderness. Other options include fishing for fresh seafood or skiing across enchanting slopes. Participate in the favorite hobbies of mushrooms and berries foraging. Meet the nomadic Sami tribe whose lives revolve around their herds of reindeer.

Relieve the Viking history through visits to ancient rune stones, somber burial mounds. Stories of Viking life are very much a part of modern Sweden. Tour the medieval cities with their enormous walls or the glorious fortresses beside the sea. Sweden is a place you will never get tired of visiting.