Spain : La Pasión

Spain is a country that is more diverse than what most people think. It is certainly passionate and the Spanish love to live a good life. At the same time, it is sophisticated and charming.

Passion is integral to Spain which is possibly the most passionate country in Europe if not the world. You can feel it through the daily actions of people who seemingly carry music in their very souls. Their passion pours forth as they go about their work.

The diversity in the landscapes of Spain will stir the depths of your soul. The gorgeous Pyrenees and the snowy Sierra Nevada rise impossibly from the sun-drenched Andalusian Plains. The dramatic cliffs of the Atlantic coast and the captivating coves near the Mediterranean are some examples of the timeless beauty that graces Spain. Here, you will find lovely villages on hilltops, valleys and coasts showing how passionate and resilient the Spanish are.

Ancient Roman ruins, medieval cathedrals and Islamic architecture showcase the mark left behind by some of the greatest civilizations in the world. The passion of Spanish life has produced creative geniuses such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Antoni Gaudí.

Feel the passion of an amazing country through its lively festivals, music and cuisine and dance. Fiesta is the most popular Spanish world for a reason, after all.