NewZealand : A Realm of Enchantment

The charm of New Zealand lies in the dual type of vistas it can offer to the tourist. You can be regaled with the man made attractions here or get lost in the natural beauty.

A huge portion of the country is unpopulated leading to the preservation of an untouched wilderness. The forests are intoxicating in their beauty while the mountains are grand and glorious. Then there are the pristine lakes, spectacular beaches and the charm of wild fiords. Hiking is a popular option for a reason. You can go for well-known hiking treks or wander around in the dreamy wilderness. The surf here is awesome.

Travelling in New Zealand is easy but it is made even better with the incredible display of culture here. The Maori culture is the mainstay of the culture of New Zealand. Enjoy hangi, the Maori feast, or witness the unrestrained beauty of the traditional Maori war dance called haka. Maori songs and dances are quite popular here. New Zealand makes excellent use of the abundant sea life to create some stunning culinary dishes. Of course, you must partake of some mouthwatering Maori dishes while here.

New Zealand is a mixture of cultures and landscapes that is fascinating in its depth which makes it all the more enjoyable.