Leh Ladakh

The arid mountains in the distance spectacularly encapsulate the magical place called Ladakh. The former kingdom of Ladakh may be no more but their former glory lives on in the charming gompas which dramatically crown the innumerable rocky outcrops of the region. White stupas lie scattered in the horizon fighting for prominence with mani walls that are topped with pebbles inscribed with mantras. As you traverse Ladakh you will find colorful prayer flags fluttering in the cool winds spreading their spiritual essence. The ancient Buddhist buildings and monuments add to the mystical appeal of Ladakh and Leh. The enchantment of Leh will never truly disappear in you. Amidst crumbling houses of mud and innumerable stupas, the old town of Leh lies. The town is dominated by the impressive rocky ridges on which a majestic palace and fort was built in ages past. You will fall in love with the wild and untamed landscape of Leh and Ladakh. Just stay awhile.