Hong Kong : Indefinable Charm

There is a certain element of enigma that lies in the city of Hong Kong where modern skyscrapers and ancient traditions intermingle in a fascinating manner. Of course, there is the food which is simply divine.

In spite of the gleaming facades of the skyscrapers, you will find a strong cultural scene in Hong Kong where the influences of the Chinese heritage is amply demonstrated along with the influences of the colonial past. All of these are brought together by the local talent which is simply wonderful. Listen to the native music while lounging under the stars, experience the soul of a Cantonese opera or study Tai Chi as the dawn breaks gently.

The cuisine of Hong Kong is easily one of the most delightful in Asia. Cuisines from across the world have come together in Hong Kong where you can get Shanghainese, Japanese, Vietnamese, European and Cantonese.

Then there are the charming neighborhoods and fascinating islands whose exploration will bring up a lot of riches. Wander around villages from the Song dynasty, ancient mountains, and timeless beaches or enjoy the solitude of a deserted island. You can also shop around the innumerable markets here.

There is a certain charm about Hong Kong that is complex and difficult to define. The endless possibilities about Hong Kong make it all the more fascinating