Czech Republic

The Czech Republic : An Exhibition of History

The Czech Republic may have into existence in 1993 but it boasts of a history that is exciting, rich and vast. Past and present intermingle to create a fascinating picture.

Roam around grand castles and picturesque chateaux that reveal the histories of some of the most powerful individuals and entire families that shaped the history of the nation and even Europe. Dig into the rich past of Moravia and Bohemia, the regions which are now united as the Czech Republic. Once you unravel their past, you will have discovered a significant part of European history.

Although the trips to the past can be fun, you may want a slice of modernity. For that, head over to the beautiful city of Prague, easily one of the most stunning in the world. Enjoy the vibrant cultural scene filled with works of art and music. Make your way through the cobbled streets of Prague to discover hidden architectural gems and other beautiful attractions. Sample some of the finest beer in the world at Ceské Budejovice and Plzen or discover the beauty of Ceský Krumlov.

You trip to the Czech Republic will be made better by the people who are proud of their past but look forward to the future.