Bhutan : Mystical Himalayan Kingdom

There is nothing commonplace about Bhutan. It is more like a kingdom in the arms of the Himalayan Mountains. Mystery and magic surrounds its charming landscape. Here, modernity is gracefully embraced by the traditional culture steeped in Buddhism.

It is easy to be surprised on a regular basis when travelling around Bhutan. The rice is amously red while chilies are used as the main ingredient instead of seasoning. Buddhism fills the very essence of Bhutan and has become an inseparable constituent of is cultural fabric. Monasteries are just as common as the houses. In spite of its rich Buddhist heritage and traditions, the peoples of Bhutan are extremely fun company and a vibrant bunch.

The natural wonders of Bhutan need to be experienced in order to understand their true beauty. As you travel across the gorgeous mountain passes, you will be awestruck at the natural wonders of Bhutan. Rhododendron bushes blossom resplendently in the springtime. The verdant plant life hides within its emerald branches unique animals and beautiful birds. A mountain trek is indeed the most effective way to experience the glory of Bhutan.

It is easy to mistake Bhutan for the fabled landscape of Shangri La. The snowy peaks rising above dark gorges carpeted with ancient forests are a mystical sight indeed.