Best Nepal Tour Package From Kolkata

Nepal : Touch the Heavens

The unbelievable landscape of Nepal is sliced between the grand Himalayan Mountains and the intriguing forests of the Indian plains. Snowy peaks loom large while you interact with a Sherpa, meet a yak or visit a monastery to read aloud holy mantras.

The mountains of Nepal possess an allure that is mystical and irresistible. It is home to some of the tallest peaks in the world. The rugged landscape draws you in with its rich hiking and trekking trails some of which have attained an iconic status in the world. You can trek across the mountains and hills enjoying the spellbinding beauty of the scenes that unfold before you. Mountain lovers have often compared a visit to Nepal to their nirvana.

There is no shortage of adventure here. The rush of adrenaline through the veins is an incredible feeling as you rush down a roaring mountain stream or bungee jump into a gorge whose bottom you cannot see. The feeling can be quite intense when you factor in the dramatic landscapes of the country.

Nepal can be also be roamed at a gentler pace. Admire the mountains while you walk towards any of the ancient stupas and serene monasteries of the region. Every step in Nepal is an adventure.

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