Yercaud : Picturesque Hills

The beautiful hill station of Yercaud is situated in the loving embrace of the Shevaroys Hill range of the Eastern Ghats.

Yercaud is often considered to be the jewel amongst the hill stations of Tamil Nadu. Here, you will find a beautiful lake being lovingly caressed by the emerald branches of the forests. As you trek around the slopes of the hills here, you are going to be enchanted with aromas of different kinds. You can take a trip through coffee plantations. Orchards of citrus fruits look charming and the fragrance of fresh oranges can be quite intoxicating.

A trip to Yercaud is incomplete without a visit to the National Orchidarium. It is also a botanical garden that showcases the beautiful trees and plants of the Eastern Ghats. Spread over an area of 18.4 hectares, the Orchidarium is home to 1800 shrubs and 3000 trees. The pitcher plant is one of the rarer species you can find in this verdant place. Yercaud has also been blessed with some beautiful animal species. They include bison, anteaters, rabbits and hares. You will also be regaled with the music of the sparrows, paradise flycatchers, bulbuls and swallows.

The Yercaud Lake is another fascinating sight with the gardens and forests that lie on its shores. If you wish to enjoy a panorama of the landscape of Yercaud, you should visit the Lady’s Seat. The Killiyur Falls will enchant you with its lovely cascading waters that fall down a height of 90 feet. The colonial heritage of the city is amply represented in the Grange which is also among the oldest buildings in the hill station.