Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach : Dramatic Nature

At the Vagator Beach in Goa, you will be presented with a sight that is dramatic and serene. The sanguine red cliffs look down upon the turquoise blue waters of the sea as it washes over the peaceful beach. The effect can be startling.

There is a distinct laid back atmosphere prevalent at the Vagator Beach. You can languidly take a relaxing nap under the shade of the many trees. As the sun sets, you will be presented with one of the most remarkable sunsets to take place at sea. The orange rays of the setting sun create a fiery scene as they settle on the reddish cliffs. You may even feel that the entire area has been drenched in blood. The scene is breathtaking in its beauty and magnificence.

As the evening settles, the tranquility of the Vagator Beach is broken up by the beats of psychedelic and trance music emanating from various places along the beach. Vagator Beach is quite popular for its party scene.

Vagator Beach offers you a picturesque view of nature. It is possible to take long walks on the beach by yourself and still not get bored. You also simply sit and watch the relaxing motions of the sea and the shore.