Vaishali : Glory of Ancient History

Vaishali is currently a fascinating archaeological site in Bihar. It was once a glorious ancient city and even served as the capital of the Licchavi kingdom.

As you walk through the ruins of the former kingdoms, you will be acutely conscious of the ancient history of the place. It was here in Vaishali that the 24th Tirthankara of the Jain religion, Lord Mahavira was born. Additionally, it marks the place where The Buddha delivered his very last sermon. The ruins of Vaishali are witness also to the Second Buddhist Council that was convened at the behest of King Kalasoka.

Many ancient structures have been preserved here quite beautifully. One of the finest structures to be preserved here happens to be one of the famous pillars of Asoka. Rather remarkably, this particular pillar shows only a single Asiatic lion displayed on the top instead of the usual four. The pillar is a stunning sight indeed with a large tank of water located nearby. By its side, you will also notice a humble stupa that marks the site of the last sermon of Buddha. It is called the Buddha Stupa is supposed to contain a bit of the ashes of the holy man. You will have a great time as you walk through these ancient ruins.