A Picture of Nature

The amazing city of Tirunelveli is one of the largest cities in Tamil Nadu. Tirunelveli is filled with rich spots for enjoying nature and heritage. This place offers a bit of everything for you to explore and enjoy. Nature is an essential part of Tirunelveli. Here you will find glorious mountains covered with emerald forests. There are deserts here as well! You can take a stroll through the picturesque costal region or be mesmerized by the sight of paddy fields swaying under the breeze. A number of waterfalls here create an orchestra of water crashing down scenic hills. There are a few wildlife sanctuaries here where you can glimpse some fascinating animals. The Koonthankulam Bird Sanctuary contains a lot of colorful avian species whose musical cries reverberate through the enchanting landscape. A rich collection of animals can be found at the huge Mundanthurai-Kalakad Wildlife Sanctuary. The leopard, the crocodile, the jungle cat, the Nilgiri langur and the Nilgiri tahr are some of the fascinating animals that roam in the verdant landscape. It is also a place for viewing the majestic tigers. Tirunelveli also boasts of a rich cultural heritage and history that dates back to the ancient ages of 300 B.C. This rich heritage is showcases by the numerous temples in the town. The Venkatachalapathy Temple is the most spectacular temple in Tirunelveli. The colorful temple is adorned with some stunning sculptures. It is dedicated to Lord Venkatachalapathy who is worshipped here along with Goddess Devi and Goddess Bhudevi. Tirunelvelli offers you the chance to explore a rich history or to relax in the mesmerizing spots offered by nature.