Spiti : Tibet in India

The valley of Spiti is separated from the Lahaul valley by the Kunzum Pass. Stepping into Spiti, you will feel that somebody has uprooted a chuck of Tibet and has placed it in India. The dreary landscape of the Spiti valley contains far flung villages. As you travel, these villages will appear like a dreamy mirage rising with their whitewashed homes in a spot of green fields. Monasteries perch on craggy outcrops. The rugged landscape is perfect for a grand adventure on a motorcycle. In spite of the harshness of the landscape, the Spiti valley is blessed with numerous species of animals including the illusive snow leopard. The ibex roam in the valley with the Musk deer for company. You also have the rare Himalayan Blue Sheep here along with the ferocious Himalayan Brown Bear.