Sariska Tiger Reserve

The Splendor of Nature

Larger than the Ranthambore National Park, the Sariska Tiger Reserve is a magnificent example of the beauty of nature.

Spread over an area of 800 square kilometers, the Tiger Reserve possesses an incredible topography. You will find the beauty of the park dominated by the grand Aravalli Hills which stand proudly like watchful guardians. The sharp cliffs of the Aravalli Hills and their long thin valleys create a stunning background for enjoying the spectacular safari.

The semiarid climate of the Sariska Tiger Reserve creates a rugged landscape. The dry forests of deciduous trees and grasses help in creating a wild atmosphere which makes a safari all the more exciting. It is also a testament to the adaptive powers of nature as the park has been blessed with an extensive array of wildlife. This seems all the more remarkable considering the climate and the weather here is quite varied and erratic.

A visit to the Sariska Tiger Reserve can be a particularly rewarding one during the dawn and the dusk. You will find hordes of animals descending on the innumerable watering holes that are scattered around the park. It is possible to simply stand mesmerized at the sight of the tigers and their prey drinking together from the same place.

The National Park is not only filled with the beauties of nature but it is some to some fascinating ruins as well. The ruins of temples and pavilions hint at the past glories of the Maharajas of Alwar.