Pathanamthitta : Tropical Glory

Pathanamthitta offers the truest form of a tropical diverse region. Lose yourself in the vast and seemingly endless undulating forested landscape which broken up into charming shards by pristine rivers. These mystical forests are filled with some of the rarest medicinal plants making it a treasure trove of unexplored riches. The incredibly extensive forested area will lie before you as a hotbed of intriguing and varied flora and fauna. The economy of this enchanted land supports the economy of Kerala. The rich culture of Pathanamthitta is distinctive from the other places in Kerala. It has grown out of the soothing religious harmony of the place. Pathanamthitta provides the perfect backdrop to enjoy exciting water festivals which take place in the glittering rivers. Natural splendors thrive in this amazing place screaming out for you to explore and dream. Sabarimala: In order to reach the holy site of Sabarimala, you will have to travel up the rocky landscape of the Western Ghats and through the thick emerald forests. The journey is fascinating and rewarding. When you reach the spot, the magnificent Sabarimala temple will greet you. While there, you can indulge your spiritual self in prayer. Another option would be to simply stare dumfounded as the beautiful surroundings overcome your senses. The surrounding forests accentuate the beauty of the Sahyadri Mountains that rise up on all sides.