Paonta Sahib : Picturesque Holiness

The beautiful Paonta Sahib is a holy gurdwara of the Sikh religion. It is located with the rather quaint town of the same name, Paonta Sahib in Hamachi Pradesh.

The beautiful architecture of the building makes the area seem all the more tranquil. The spectacular gurdwara was built to honor the memory of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. He was the tenth holy guru of Sikh religion. The gurdwara marks the locatipon where the Guru wrote the Dasam Granth, one of the holy books of Sikhism. Due to this particular fact, the gurdwara has attained a lot of importance as a religious site for the followers of the Sikh religion.

Inside the gurdwara, you will find a spectacular Palki, or carriage. The Palki is a stunning work of art and has been created entirely of gold. It was a donation given by one of the many devotees. Another remarkable sight here is the quaint beautiful temple dedicated to the Goddess Yamuna, the personification of the holy Yamuna River which flows by the gurdwara. A small museum is also present here which contains items that were once used by Guru Gobind Singh.

The surrounding region of Paonta Sahib, the town, is quite beautiful in its simplicity. It is easy to take a quiet walk through the gentle slopes of the region. You can even lounge around the serene banks of the river and enjoy the beautiful sight of the gurdwara while the branches of green trees shiver in the cool winds.