Mayabunder : Beauty in Isolation

Mayabunder can be considered to be a way station but dig deeper and you will be rewarded with a fascinating blend of history and culture. The people living here are not indigenous Indians. Rather, immigrants from Bangladesh and Myanmar have found their way here when they were oppressed in their homelands. The Burmese hill tribe, Karen, is the most fascinating. The tribe left their homeland during the British rule and started their life anew on these lands. The rich background of the people is a suitable addition to the charm of nature. The allure of Mayabunder lies in the lack of the tourist crowds in the area. This allows you to indulge in the untainted beauty of the region in peace and serenity. A jungle tour is a great way to pass the time. A small herd of elephants live in the surrounding area and can be easily seen during the safari. The off the beaten feel to Mayabunder has an appeal of its own.