On the bank of the River Parvati, you will find Manikaran. The steam emanating from the hot sulphur springs compete with the devotional songs rising from the numerous temples in the area. The place is a religious center for both Hindus and Sikhs. The hot springs are prefect for soothing your tired bones. Pilgrims, especially Hindus, are known to consider the waters to be holy. It is believed that the waters of these springs hold special curative properties as well. A fun fact is that some of these springs are so hot that you can cook in them.
There are a few places near this holy place that you should check out. A good trekking challenge can be found at Ulga which offers some great sights as well. Khirganga has some nice hot springs waiting for you to take a dip. Prepare to get enthralled by a colorful sight of blossoming flowers at Chandrakhani Pass if you visit at the right season. For an incredible panoramic view of the Kullu valley you can head to Shoja. The sight of the snowy mountains contrasted with the lush green forests and meadows is something to experience.