Lonavala : Spectacular Caves

Lonavala is an amazing hill station in the state of Maharashtra whose beauty can render you stunned. Lonavala is famous for the spectacular deep valley and the verdant mountains that enclose it.

Located in the arms of the Sahyadri Ranges, the landscape of Lonavala is littered with caves. The innumerable caves have given Lonavala its name as the Sanskrit term for a group of caves is Lonavali. The presence of the caves only serves to highlight the natural beauty of the city.

The city of Lonavala was founded in 1871 by the British whose influences still linger a bit here. There are, of course, some graceful buildings that are a hangover from the colonial era.

The number of beautiful places in Lonavala is simply staggering. You can hear the clamor of waterfalls and be stunned at the sight they create. The meadows and the valleys are striking with their drapes of emerald green. You can enjoy some particularly rejuvenating activities such as trekking, camping and fishing.

The Tungarli Lake is one of the more spectacular lakes in Lonavala. It is an artificial lake created to contain rain water for the city. The beauty of the Tungarli Lake is perfect for enjoying a relaxing picnic. You can enjoy the scenic splendor of the region while soothing winds blow over you. The natural backdrop of the region makes a trip here all the more beautiful. You will also get a fascinating panorama of the city. It is also possible for you to take a rejuvenating hike through the hilly landscape.

The Bhaja Caves are a wonderland of historic importance that was carved out of the surrounding hills. Constructed around 200 BC, these caves have an interesting architectural styles and exquisite designs. The caves are filled with stunning pieces of sculptures that depict various motifs.