Jolly Buoy

Jolly Buoy : The Joy of Corals

Jolly Buoy is a small island nestled in a group situated within the Mahatma Gandhi National Park. The beauty of Jolly Buoy lies in the plentiful corals that grow beautifully just under the water surface. You can hire a glass bottom boat to enjoy watching the corals. The exquisite corals are a sight to behold as they pass underneath your feet. If you wish to have a closer experience with these fascinating creatures, you can go for snorkeling or scuba diving. Advice: The gear for snorkeling and scuba diving can be rented separately from the boats that operate near Jolly Buoy. The boats will take groups of passengers for a tour of the sights but it is of a very short duration. Trips, usually, last 10 minutes at the most. If you wish enjoy the corals more thoroughly, you can hire a private boat which charges an extra amount on a time period basis.