Golden Temple

The Golden Temple has become a legendary symbol of the Sikh religion. However, it is only a small, albeit magnificent, part of the immense complex of the gurdwara complex called Harmandir Sahib.

In terms of spirituality, the tank surrounding the majestic temple is considered to be extremely holy. It is known as the Amrit Sarovar or Pool of Nectar and it has given its name to the city as well. It was excavated in 1577 by Ram Das, the fourth guru of the Sikhs. The tank is ringed by a pristine walkway made with marble. It is believed that the waters of the tank possess powers of healing.

The Golden Temple seemingly floats in the middle of the tank and gleams against the sunlight. Rather amazingly, the architecture of the Golden Temple showcase styles of Hindu and Islamic architectures. The lower level is made quite beautifully with marble. It features a fascinating array of pietra dura work with animal and flower motifs. The second level of the temple features stunning examples of gold panels that have been engraved intricately. A dome decorated with approximately 750kg of gold.