Diglipur : A Quaint Vista

Diglipur greets you with a vaguely familiar sight of a dusty road stretching into a town. This town is actually the biggest in the North Andaman Island. What is more important is that Diglipur lies between you and the more incredible vistas of the islands. You will never be able to visit the interesting sights offered by North Andaman Island unless you visit Diglipur. It is through this quaint but friendly town that you can visit a national park, some volcanoes, some caves and, of course, some beaches. The Saddle Peak National Park offers a glimpse into the rich flora and fauna of the Andaman regions including the magical Andaman hill myna and the majestic Andaman imperial pigeon. Water animals are amply represented by cute dolphins and big whales. The Challis Ek Caves are perfect for indulging in some bird watching as the Edible-nest Swift is known to nest there.