Bangalore : The Silicon Hub

Bangalore, or as it is now called, Bengaluru, is considered to be the best city down in south India. The climate is cool and the atmosphere is extremely friendly. You can enjoy dining and shopping at the modern locales of Bangalore.The city is the center of the IT industry of India which is booming and expanding rapidly. This has allowed the city to become one of the most progressive cities in India. However, the city has not allowed itself to forget its heritage in its race to progress. Here you will find greeneries preserved beautifully amidst towering skyscrapers. The colonial heritage of the city is also protected and maintained quite nicely.Bangalore offers a modern outlook while taking care of its rich past.

How to Get There

By Air :

Bangalore International Airport which is located at a distance of 40 km from the city.Domestic flights from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Trivandrum, Hyderabad, Goa, Kochi, Ahmedabad and Mangalore are easily available.International flights to and from Singapore, Dubai, London, Oman, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia, Colombo.

By Rail :

The Bangalore City Railway Station and the Yeshwantpur Railway Station are the two major railway stations that connect Bangalore to rest of India. Bangalore railway station is located in the heart of the city.

By Road :

Bangalore is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular buses. The Main bus terminal in the city is opposite Bangalore City Railway Station.
Distance from other cities; Mysore: 140 km, Chennai: 347 km, Ooty: 267 km,Coorg: 270 km, Tirupati: 266 km, Hampi: 342 km, Mangalore: 345 km


Tipu Sultan's Palace

The majestic building that stands before you was once the summer palace of an equally majestic king. Tipu Sultan ruled over the Mysore Kingdom during the late eighteenth century. In the year 1791, he constructed the palace in what is now Bengaluru. The gorgeous building has two stories created exclusively in pure teak wood. The immense flute pillars that support the building look stupendous. The walls as well as the ceilings of the palace are adorned with detailed floral patterns. Exquisite and intricate carvings decorate the Islamic style arches.You can visit the museum that lies on the ground floor. A disparate collection of items and relics can be seen here. The portrait of Tipu Sultan, his royal clothes, his swords and some misses used in his wars against the British are kept in the museum.


Bull Temple

Constructed in the 16th century, the Bull temple is an incredible achievement of the Dravidan style of architecture. Its structure is nothing short of an awe-inspiring masterpiece. Nandi, the holy bull of Lord Shiva, is worshipped here. The idol of the holy bull is just as fascinating as the temple is which it is housed. This idol has been carved out of a single boulder of granite.  

Lalbagh Botanical Gardens

The immense Lalbagh Botanical Gardens are located right in the heart of the city. It name refers to ‘red garden’. When the red roses are in full bloom, you will be stunned at the beautiful sanguine carpet laid out inside the garden. Built by Hyder Ali, the botanical gardens contain some of the rare tropical plants of the region. Ancient trees still flourish in the spectacular park. There is even an amazing flower clock here. A lake sits peacefully inside the botanical gardens which also possesses a topiary park.