Bodh Gaya : Meditation of Lord Buddha

The sacred site of Bodh Gaya is easily the most important place for the religion of Buddhism. You will love the atmosphere of peace and tranquility that lies over this beautiful city.

The two sites that make Bodh Gaya a pleasure to visit are the Mahabodhi Temple and the holy Bodhi Tree. According to the Buddhist beliefs, Gautama, the prince, meditated under the serene shade of a Bodhi tree and attained enlightenment or Nirvana and became the Buddha. This event has shaped the history of the landscape. None other than the great emperor, Ashoka, honored the religious significance of the place by constructing monasteries for Buddhist monks. He even erected some of his famous Ashokan pillars some of which can be still visible here.

The Mahabodhi Temple is an awe-inspiring sight with its marvelous architecture that looks all the more remarkable thanks to the peaceful surroundings in which it is located. The idol of Lord Buddha is handsome due to the fine craftsmanship shown during its construction with black stone. The other great sight of the holy city of Bodh Gaya is the Bodhi tree under which the meditation and subsequent enlightenment of Gautama Buddha took place. However, the beautiful tree is not the original tree. It is however similar as a tree sapling from the original tree was used and grown over the original site. This process continues so that the original tree does not die.