Amusement Park

Adventure Islands : Delhi

Adventure Islands is a stunning amusement and theme park in Delhi. It is filled to the brim with some of the most exciting and thrilling rides you can ever try. There are two kinds of rides here, the dry kind and the wet kind. Both of these kinds of rides are equally entertaining.

Among the dry rides, you can enjoy the dizzying Side Winder, Twister and Cyclone. If you want to hear your heart pumping, you can try out the Z-Force where you will be dropped from a height. Trying out all these exciting rides will be an exhilarating experience. Among the water rides, the Splash Dunk and the Splash Down are the more delightful ones.

Adlabs Imagica : Mumbai

Adlabs Imagica is a fascinating amusement park that is spread over a gigantic area of 300 areas. It is filled to the brim with everything that you might require from an amusement park. Apart from entertainment, you can indulge your taste buds in some fine dining. There are options for shopping and even accommodation facilities are present if you want to stay in the rather beautiful park.

Adlabs Imagica is filled with more than 30 rides some of which are wet while others are dry. There is a similarly a sizeable number of restaurants that offers you a large selection of cuisines together. The most popular ride here is the one based on the movie, Mr. India.

Entertainment City : Noida

The Entertainment City seems to live up to its name. Spread over a huge area of nearly 100 acres, the Entertainment City contains almost everything you may want. You get exciting rides to enjoy, delicious food to savor and comfortable places to relax. There is also a sizeable shopping complex which offers a stunningly extensive range of products for sale.

There are around 30 rides here that you can enjoy. Some of them are meant exclusively for the little children to enjoy. The park seemingly pulsates with joy and excitement. However, you are going to be surprised at the monorail system. It is not a ride but rather a means of conveyance. With the monorail you can travel to all the important places in Entertainment City.

Essel World : Mumbai

The Essel World is a gigantic amusement park which is the largest of its kind in Asia. You can enjoy a wide range of activities here. Some of them are relaxing while others can get the adrenaline to start pumping in your veins. There are rides to suit the tastes of everyone. Some rides are meant for families, others for children and some are meant for those looking for a thrill. Apart from the rides, Essel World contains a culinary galley. There, you can indulge your taste buds with amazing dishes of various cuisines.

Nicco Park : Kolkata

Opened in the year 1991, Nicco Park has become one of the best amusement parks. It is spread over a large area with around 33 exciting and enjoyable rides. Some of the rides here include the Twist and Turn, the Roller Coaster, the Magic Carpet, The Giant Waterfall. There is a mixture of dry and wet rides that makes a trip here all the more delightful.

Nicco Park is also a great place to simply relax and enjoy the greenery of the area. You can also take a ride on the cable car to get a better view of the beautiful park. The Eiffel Tower replica here can get you a spectacular panoramic view.

Ocean Park : Hyderabad

 The fascinating amusement park called Ocean Park is located near Hyderabad. It is a highly enjoyable place offering you ample entertainment and fun. Inside the park, you can enjoy a large number of water rides and games that everybody will love. You can even visit the Ocean Park simply to revel in its entertaining atmosphere.

There are many amusing water rides with fun names such as Wave Pool, Aqua Ride and Splash. There are other rides to enjoy here as well such as Monkey Ride, Mini Columbus, Peacock Train and Toddler’s Pool. Children will love these rides. Some of these rides are free. The Ocean Park is also home to some restaurants which offer a range of delicious cuisines.

Ramoji Film City : Hyderabad

The Ramoji Film City is an incredible place. It is like a fantastic amusement park where you can find natural attractions intermingling with the man made ones. The huge park sprawls over 1666 acres and is set to grow again. Guinness book of world records has already given Ramoji Film City the honor of being the largest movie studio complex in the world.

Snow World : Hyderabad

Snow World is a rare kind of amusement park. As the name suggests, you can enjoy yourselves in a snowy landscape. There are some interesting activities here to give you a complete experience of snow. In fact, you can even experience what a snowfall feels like inside the Snow World. There are sleigh rides as well.

Veegaland Park : Kochi

The Veegaland Park in Kochi is not only a beautiful park, it boasts of a cool architecture as well. The splendor is rather appropriate given that the park is located within the scenic landscape of Kochi. It reflects the splendor of Kerala. While roaming around the rather large amusement park, you will be surprised and enchanted with the sudden glimpses of traditional village architecture.

The assortment of rides here is quite excellent with pools shimmering with the blue waters. There are even exciting shows you can enjoy. An excellent range of cuisines are available here as well. However, all other attractions pale in comparison to the Castle. Its seven stories are the biggest attraction here in Veegaland. Surrounded by perfect green lawns, the castle seems to from a fairy tale. Inside the castle, you will find an amazing roller coaster.

Wonderla : Bangalore

You are not going to be bored when you visit the Wonderla in Bangalore. After all, there are 55 different rides here, some which are even water based. The park is filled to the brim with various attractions that make it difficult to lose interest. You can be swayed to the melodies of the musical fountain or enjoy the virtual reality show. You can dance away while rains fall over you. These rain showers are electronically controlled.

There are restaurants here serving delicious lips-smacking foods. The water rides have some exciting names such as Hara-Kiri, Banded Kraits and Boomerang. There are dry rides here as well which are more relaxing such as Pirate Ship and Sky Wheel. If you want an adrenaline rush, you can try out the Flash Tower, Equinox, Insanity and Hurricane.