Agatti Island Beach

Wonderland in a Beach

Agatti may seem at first a rather small island with its length of 5.6 km. However, it has been blessed with incredible beauty of many layers that you will discover as you stay here.

The natural diversity of the Agatti Island is simply stunning. You can take a dive to watch the amazing coral growths in their natural habitat. You can also swim around with the colorful fishes and the majestic sea turtles will accompany you on your trip. The beaches of the Agatti Island are similarly spectacular. In the east side, you will find that the beautiful sands rise slowly from the reefs. During the low tides, it creates an amazing sight is not easy to forget.

The languid pace of life here makes the beaches seem all the more relaxing. The beaches at Agatti Island can be a wonderful experience. You can just laze around all day enjoying the cool sea winds that are intensely rejuvenating while lying under the shade of a palm tree. You can also make every moment count by participating in adventure sports. You can go for snorkeling and scuba diving to experience the breathtaking world that exists under water. Fishing and sailing can be more relaxing activities. Water skiing across the pristine waters can be another amazing experience. You can also just hire a bicycle and roam around the Agatti Island.